Find a Travel Partner

If you are thinking to go to a beach, and your friend ditches, no worries we got your back.Find a travel buddy, who is heading towards a beach and partner up through the application.

How To Find A Perfect Travel Buddy ?

If you are unsure whether the travel partner you will be matched will be safe or not to travel with. Don't worry, we created a safe environment with different features. Let's understand them.

Perfect Travel Partner Finder

Firstly talking about the safety, we have some measurements taken. A travel buddy's profile will be visible for the user to understand them and connect with them, other than this female users will be connected with female users on priority, but still if they want to match with others they can. Besides this all the volunteer works will be shown in user's profile with having rating system. So, this makes it easier, simpler to connect with strangers and enjoy the summers on beach.


If you wish to volunteer for a bigger cause like sea water management, conducting fundraise for animals which have no shelter near beaches and other social problems, you are at a right place. We will form you up with a like minded team, where you can head all the operations.

Beach Cleaning Drives

You can sign up to our form if you are interested in cleaning beaches in a group. The groups will be formed after the forms recieved and you will be allocated a team, where you can have fun while volunteering.

Local Beaches

With several different beaches easily accessible on foot, chose from sand, rock pools, ledeges, or lagoons for your own personal beach experience.


You can contact us if you have any query related to anything. Also you can message us for any suggestion.


Now if you loved our services and our idea you can head towards the form, and can start your journey with meeting new people on beaches, volunteering with them and conducting clean-beach drives.